Search engine optimization SEO 2022: Complete SEO Beginner’s Guide By Pixel SEO

Do you already know What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of continually improving a website to gain a higher position in organic search results, focusing on popular search engines such as Google.

However, SEO is not just about optimizing your website.

In fact, SEO can and should include other disciplines in digital marketing, including:

In short, the sites that perform best in Google are not only good at SEO. They are generally good at digital marketing.

With that away, let’s dive in

Web Station’s Google SEO Guide to Keyword Research
When it comes to SEO for Google, keyword research should be your first step. This is because you want to optimize your content around the keywords people type into Google.

Keyword search like a pro!

And when you optimize your web pages around these exact searches, you can rank your blog posts and landing pages by these terms.
Here are some useful resources to help you learn more about keyword research

Writing search engine friendly content

Now that you have a list of keywords that your target customer is searching for in Google, it’s time to write content. Fortunately, thanks to the keyword research you just conducted, this step should be very easy. All you have to do is write a piece of premium quality content for each keyword on your list.

Here are some useful guides to help you write content designed to rank in Google

Optimizing Content for Google SEO
Now it’s time to optimize every page on your site around a single keyword. If you are starting for the first time, this keyword should be a long tail keyword. Long tail terms don’t get much search volume. But they are less competitive. So you have more chance of finishing first place.

Whether you use a long keyword or not, optimizing your page for Google SEO is exactly the same. And the SEO mini-checklist will help ensure that your page is optimized for SEO.

Add your desired keyword:

In the first 100 words of your web page that you want to rank!

You probably already know that you want to use your keyword multiple times on your page. However, it is important to use your keyword at least once at the beginning of your content (ideally in the first 50-100 words).

Include your keyword in the first 100 words of your page
in your title tag

From a Google SEO point of view, your title tag is the most important place to include your keyword.

Include your keywords in your title tag
in your page URL

Although your title tag is not important, you will need to use your keyword once in your page URL.

Include your keyword once in your URL

And if you have your own. Want full improvement
Google seo page, also implement

Use your keyword in H1 and H2 subtitle

This assures Google that your page is targeting that keyword and topic.

Use your keyword in H1 and H2 subtitle
Use keyword-rich image file names and alt text

Optimizing photos is not so important. But it will help if you use alter text.

Use keyword-rich file names for images and alt text

Add some internal links

Internal links can help Google find, crawl, and index more pages on your site (and help them rank higher in search results). Bonus points if you use keyword rich anchor text in your internal links.

Use related synonyms and terms as much as possible

Use variations of your target keyword on your page. For example, if your keyword is ‘kettlebell training’, use variations such as ‘kettlebell exercises’ and ‘easy kettlebell moves’.

While using keywords in your meta description is no longer a ranking factor, so is your organic CTR. And when Google searchers see a compelling meta description in organic search results, they are more likely to click on your site.

Write an attractive meta description as good as you can!
Make your site work on mobile devices very faster!

In other words, your site must be mobile optimized for Google search and search engine crawlers (also known as “spiders”).

Make your site work on mobile devices

Use structured data in writings

Structured data (the schema) can cause your site to display Rich Snippet in search results.
If you want to learn more about optimizing content for Google SEO, check out these guides

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